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Here is a selection of articles in a few thematic clusters. These may overlap with book projects, but they can also traverse different books.  I will link to online texts whenever they’re not behind a paywall, and otherwise post PDF or Word files. The print versions may differ from these files in details.


“Obstructions”: Thingness and Abstraction

Note: The two oldest texts are from the context of my 2009 book Idols of the Market. The others are from work in progress.

-The Juridical Economy (New Left Review no. 106, July-August 2017)

-The Coming Exception: Art and the Crisis of Value  (New Left Review no. 99, May-June 2016).

-Personafication (New Left Review no. 96, November-December 2015)

-Abstract Habitats: Installations of Coexistence and Coevolution (Grey Room no. 59, Spring 2015).

-Shine and Schein (e-flux journal no. 61, January 2015)

-Concrete Abstraction – Our Common World (Open!, January 2015)

-Research Objectives (Texte zur Kunst no. 90, June 2013)

-Inside abstraction  (e-flux journal no. 38, October 2012)

-The Imaginary Museum of Plaster Casts (Kunstverein München newsletter/catalogue, 2012)

-Secrets of the See-Through Factory (Open no. 22, 2011)

-Art and Thingness (e-flux journal nos. 13, 15, 16, 2010)

-Viewing Copies (e-flux journal no. 8, September 2009)

-Atttending to Abstract Things (New Left Review no. 54, November-December 2008)

Living with Abstraction (Texte zur Kunst no. 69, March 2008)


Aesthetic Activism

Note: Many of these texts are related to my 2016 book Cultural Revolution: Aesthetic Practice after Autonomy.

-The Powers of the False (Texte zur Kunst no. 105, March 2017)

-Who Makes the Nazis (e-flux journal no. 76, October 2016)

-Neither Autocracy nor Automatism: Notes on Autonomy and the Aesthetic (e-flux journal no. 69, January 2016)/

-Apocalypse (Not) Now (Nordic Journal of Aesthetics no. 49-50, 2015)

-Social Media: Practices of (In)Visibility in Contemporary Art (Afterall no. 40, 2015).

-Autonomy as Aesthetic Practice (Theory, Culture & Society 31, no. 7-8, 2014)

-Cultural Revolution (New Left Review no. 85, May-June 2014)

-Liberation through Laziness (Mousse no. 42, February 2014)

-Piet Zwart & Zwarte Piet (from Jelle Bouwhuis and Kerstin Winking, eds., Project 1975: Contemporary Art and the Postcolonial Unconscious, Amsterdam/London: SMBA/Black Dog Publishing, 2014)

-World History and Earth Art (e-flux journal no. 49, November 2013)

-Mutations and Misunderstandings (Third Text, January 2013)

-Autonomy after the Fact (Open no. 23, 2012)

-A Heteronomous Hobby (e-flux journal no 22, January 2011)


Time, Moving Images and Performance

Note: Most of these article are related to my 2013 book History in Motion.

-Dance Factory (Mousse no. 50, October 2015).

-Performance Art after TV (New Left Review no. 80, March-April 2013)

-General performance (e-flux journal no. 31, January 2012)

-Transforming Time (Grey Room no. 41, Fall 2010)

-Playtimes (New Left Review no. 66, November-December 2010)

-Acts in the Age of Virtuoso Performance (Texte zur Kunst no. 79, September 2010)

-Progressive Striptease (from Secret Publicity, 2006)

-An Arena in Which to Reenact (from Life, Once More: Forms of Reenactment in Contemporary Art, Rotterdam: Witte de With, 2005)


Myth, Monotheism and Iconoclasm

-Monotheism à la Mode (from Alexander Dumbadze and Susanne Hudson, eds., Contemporary Art: 1989 to the Present, Malden: Wiley-Blackwell, 2013)

-From one Spectacle to Another (Grey Room no. 32, Summer 2008)

-Performing the Veil (Springerin no. 4, 2008)

-Gert Jan Kocken: The Art of Iconoclasm (SMBA Newsletter no. 100, 2008)

-“Keep Your Distance”: Aby Warburg on Myth and Modern Art (Oxford Art Journal 25, no. 1, 2005)

-After the Gods (New Left Review no. 30, November-December 2004)


Monographic Essays

-Andrea Fraser: Institutional Analysis (from Sabine Breitwieser, ed., Andrea Fraser, Salzburg/Ostfildern: Museum der Moderne/Hatje Cantz, 2015)

Hito Steyerl: Postcinematic Essays After the Future (from Nick Aikens, ed., Too Much World: The Films of Hito Steyerl, Eindhoven/Berlin: Van Abbemuseum/Sternberg Press, 2014)

-Paul Chan’s Book Club (from Paul Chan, New New Testament, New York: Badlands Unlimited, 2014)

-“Not Stone”: Acting in and with Louise Lawler’s Pictures (from the catalog Louise Lawler: Adjusted, Cologne/Munich: Museum Ludwig/Prestel, 2013)

-Interzone: On Three Works by Wendelien van Oldenborgh (Afterall no. 29, Spring 2012)

-Performing Photography after Film (from Stan Douglas: Abbott & Cordova, 7 August 1971, Vancouver: Arsenal Pulp Press, 2011)

-Gerard Byrne’s Talking Pictures (published in Witte de With’s 2010 book Cornerstones and in Gerard Byrne: Images or Shadows, Dublin: Irish Museum of Modern Art, 2011)

-(Stop) Making Sense (published in Monika Szewcyk, ed., Meaning Liam Gillick, Rotterdam/Berlin: Witte de With/Sternberg Press, 2009)

-The Story of Art According to Jeff Wall (from my book Secret Publicity, 2006)



-Taking Potshots at Labour: Ehmann & Farocki’s Labour in a Single Shot (Mute, May 2015)

-Cleves and Tartars: Beuys Biography (Texte zur Kunst no. 92, December 2013)

-Dialectic of Dionysos: Asger Jorn’s Writings (New Left Review no. 76, July-August 2012)

-Let’s Fake History: Berlin Biennale 2012 (Texte zur Kunst no. 86, June 2012)

-A Museum of Monologues in the Vicinity of Art: Falke Pisano (Texte zur Kunst no. 80, December 2010)



-National Customs (Texte zur Kunst no. 101, March 2016)

-Falling Apart, Together (Texte zur Kunst no. 100, December 2015).

-A Tale of Two Criticisms (from Jeff Khonsary and Melanie O’Brian, eds., Judgment and Contemporary Art Criticism, Vancouver: Fillip Editions, 2010)

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