The Book’s a Thing Now


Available soon from online retailers and brick-and-mortar stores. A big thanks to the folks at Sternberg Press for making it all come together, and for taking such good care of the entire editing and production process.

Texte zur Kunst no. 105: The Powers of the False


“With Issue #105, TZK considers the nationalist, conservative, and racist ideologies that have recently become more visible across Europe and the US, giving particular focus to questions of border politics and migration — of humans, of data, of patrimony, of signs. Advised by Helmut Draxler, Isabelle Graw, and Susanne Leeb, this issue was conceived prior to the US presidential election as a cooler reflection on present political debates; and yet having been produced amid the chaos of the Trump administration’s first weeks, it also, necessarily stands as a reflection of political-aesthetic thinking during markedly volatile times: Wir sind Ihr? They are us? We are them?”

The table of contents is here. My contribution is an essay titled “The Powers of the False.”