Life, Once More (Once More)

Since reenactment has become quite the academic cottage industry, my 2005 exhibition Life, Once More: forms of reenactment in contemporary art has become a point of reference, and my big “hit.” From time to time I get requests for a PDF of the catalogue, which is long out of print. For years I’ve had to confess not having access to a PDF myself, but recently I found a scan online. I’ve posted it in the “Edited Volumes and Periodicals” section (or just click here).

I can’t help but feel that Life, Once More gets a slightly disproportionate amount of attention because it says “reenactment” on the tin. The project was part of a research trajectory on time-based media and historicity, which resulted in my 2013 book History in Motion: Time in the Age of the Moving Image. This one is still available; don’t wait until a PDF is all that remains, and buy the book!