ExitStateCraft/ Transnational Trajectories

For BAK’s Prospections platform, I edited a series of new commissions and archival materials under the (perhaps excessively referential and punning) title ExitStateCraft. In addition to an editorial and the republished pieces, there’s a historico-theoretical essay by Kevin Ochieng Okoth and a related contribution by artist-researcher Nina Støttrup Larsen, as well as a “codex-comic” by Cooperativa Cráter Invertido with an accompanying text (or prologue) by Mariana Botey.

I myself contributed the essay “Transnational Trajectories,” which traces some genealogies, contradictions and potentialities of inter- and transnational organizing.

Thanks for their input to Maria Hlavajova, Rachael Rakes and Wietske Maas – and to Wietske and Aidan Wall for their editorial care.

Image from Nina Støttrup Larsen’s The Cut, The Punch, The Press, 2021.