Silvia Maglioni and Graeme Thomson’s project about Félix Guattari’s 1980s script for a science-fiction film, Un Amour de UIQ, has manifested itself in a variety of gatherings, exhibitions and publications. During gatherings called seeances, various “envisionairies” responded to Guattari’s screenplay about an alien “infra-quark” intelligence and its disruptive and trasformative social effects. This resulted in a sound piece, UIQ (the unmaking-of), and now also in a typographic transcription of the sound piece in book form. UIQ (the unmaking-of): A Book of Visions (post-éditions) also contains a conversation between me and Silvia and Graeme. This is a condensation of a conversation we’ve had for a forthcoming volume on futurity that I’m co-editing with Eric de Bruyn in a new series with Sternberg Press.