E-flux journal no. 76


I co-edited the November Issue of e-flux journal, “The Perfect Storm,” which is a (sadly needed) sequel of sorts to the “Idiot Wind” issue of some five years ago. By now we feel compelled to address and analyse the political wave of reactionary, nationalist and xenophobic political movements and figureheads as constituting a form of neofascism — or rather, an entire international of interlinked (but far from identical) neofascisms.

Contributors are Hito Steyerl, Ilya Budraitskis, Keti Chukhrov, Boris Buden, Ewa Majewska and Kuba Szreder, Ana Teixeira Pinto, Tony Wood, Jonas Staal  and myself. My essay is here, but obviously I encourage you to read the entire issue.