December 2014

The December issue of Texte zur Kunst contains my review of Johanna Burton and Ellegood’s exhibition catalogue, Take It or Leave It, which reexamines genealogies of institutional critique and appropriation art. My text is supposed to be titled “Expanding Concepts and Fields,” which admittedly isn’t terribly catchy, but has a clear connection with the content of the piece. When I received the issue, it became apparent that this had been changed into the horribly generic “Event Horizon,” – the very same title that Artforum had bestowed upon my review of Gerald Raunig’s Art and Revolution back in 2007. That text was originally titled “Retro Revolution.” Great minds think alike – and so, it would seem, do editors.

Okay, I’ve vented my spleen. The actual text is, I think, quite substantial and worth checking out, and it has benefited greatly from the Texte zur Kunst editors’ editorial care.

For the December issue of Metropolis M, the editor has asked Marina Vishmidt, Tom Vandeputte and myself to say a few words on the state of art theory in Holland (in Dutch).